Abi Meetup| DIY VR Contents for Kids 自己动手给孩子制作VR内容


VR devices provide good user experience with immersive environments, making it a great fit for kids. Why say no to VR contents when it can provide entraining and interactive experience for our kids to enjoy learning while playing?!
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While VR is not a new thing, there are not sufficient rich content yet. The reasons behind this phenomenon might lie in the product property and the ecosystem.
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  1. HTC VIVE VR一体机简介;
  2. 讲解如何制作适合小孩子看的VR内容;

    This month’s Abi meetup, let’s learn how to DIY VR contents for kids, together with Ryan, the founding manager of Abi Hackerspace.

    The content of the meetup includes the follows:
  3. a brief introduction of HTC VIVE
  4. Introduction of how to create VR contents for kids.

    分享者 Workshop Moderator

    Ryan Liang, Founding Manager of Abi Hackspace. With a deep love for different tech projects, and a habit/ urge to get hands dirty and DIY, Ryan’s personal code of conduct is "Doing is better than saying“. He has won several awards in different hackathons.

    活动详情 Event Info:

    时间:2018年4月27日(周五) 19:30 - 21:30




    Time: 19:30 - 21:30 (Friday), April 27, 2018

    Place: x.factory (B608, Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen)

    Sign up: click this link to sign up on Eventbrite

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    关于Abi About Abi Hackerspace

    Abi Hackerspace是源于原来在华强北的原子比特工厂而成立的一个独立的技术爱好者的社区,以开放包容和关注技术为主要原则,成员多数来自各行业的技术背景较强的工程人员。Abi Hackerspace坚持并推动其创立的三条行动准则,默许行动者,行者自付,行胜于言。

    Abi Hackspace is originated from the previous Bits & Atoms Factory in Huaqiangbei. It’s a community of tech enthusiasts, whose main principles are: openness, inclusiveness, and focus on technology. The members of this community are mainly engineers with strong tech backgrounds, from different industries. The three principles of Abi Hackerspace consists of the follows:
  5. Acquiescence of actions: Provide acquiescences to the results of those who take actions and encourage further development.
  6. Take ownership: Take responsibility for your actions, its cost and result, unless someone else offers to contribute.
  7. Actions > words: Encourage doing and practice, instead of saying.

    场地指引地图 Map to guide you to the venue of the meetup
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