A603 Device Tree


Trying to change the device tree for the A603 where can i find all the sources you guys use to generate the files in the Download A603-Orin-NX-Nano-JP5.1.2.zip (NVIDIA Jetson)


Sorry, this part is already all the documentation on the image and the driver.

maybe i am missing something is there another way to change the device-tree? or does it mean that the CSI port can only be used with IMX219 since that is the default driver?

That is indeed the case at the moment.

I am not sure you thought about this answer all the way. what do you mean at the moment? do you plan to release? when? I’ll tell you the truth you already released it since the zip file contains the dtb file which DTC (device tree compiler) can take in and provide a dts with all the source the only issue there is that is a huge file an a pain to edit and tricky to recomplie.

More over the product webpage claims the board has a CSI interface, which is actually a IMX219 interface without those sources.

I currently have 8 of those boards which are useless until you either release the sources \ create a way to change the device tree.

can you provide a solution or take the boards back?

I apologize for the inconvenience. Which camera are you trying to use? We can check to see if there is currently a driver package for the camera you want to use.
However, we really can’t provide drivers for all camera styles, so the best way is for you to change the driver for your camera via a dtb file. Maybe you can see if this article can solve your problem.

We are sorry again for the inconvenience caused to you!

As i wrote before i can do the dtb to dts and back and push it but i need to also change stuff in the kernel to get it to work and there the problem starts since i can’t build the kernel…

it is a tc358743 card which take in hdmi from a camera over the csi. i can get it to run on the orin devkit since i have all the sources for it… and now stuck on the A603

Just checked with my colleague. Currently, this link already includes all of our source code. In the “Flash JetPack OS to A603 Carrier Board” wiki, we provide detailed instructions on which step to replace the A603 driver, and that’s where you need to make the modifications.

Perhaps you can refer to the official nVidia tutorial. In theory, The steps for making modifications on the Orin dev kit can be applied to making the same modifications on the A603 as well.

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what do you mean? this link to the zip file have no sources, only complied files in this one.

I do have a orin nano devkit and made all the changes per the relevant JP5.1.2 which is

On the devkit it all works when i copy the same files to the A603 it won’t work so not sure what you mean here. do you try to say that the A603 is compatible with the devkit?

I have all the needed drivers and device tree changes to make it work on the Orin nano official devkit I have it working.
I tired to take the same files to the A603 but it doesn’t work which makes sense there are a lot of differences between the boards. all i need right now are the dts files you used to compile the device tree and I’ll manage from there.

I apologize for any confusion caused by the language barrier, as English is not my native language.

The intended meaning here is that the steps for creating the driver remain the same, rather than A603 being compatible with the devkit.

Currently, the information provided in the provided link is all we have available. It may indeed not be possible to create the exact file you are looking for. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and for taking up your time.

If you would like to further discuss this issue, please feel free to contact techsupport@seeed.io for further communication.

I have a similar problem:
I want enable PPS-input on the Jetson on my A603 board, I need to modify:

  1. the kernel to enable PPS
  2. the device tree-file of 40-pin GPIO header, so the PIN is accepted by the system as a PPS.
    What modifications were made to kernel image that in the Zip file? Or what specifically should I change in kernel before I build it?

@GuyZoler have you contacted techsupport?


I have. unfortunately they refuse to share the source so the A603 i basically a brick if you need any other configuration than the stock they provide… no modifications can be made the the Device tree or kernel.

I am working to replace all those board in all of our future designs… I liked it small foot print since we put those on our drones but if we can’t use them no reason to fly them …

If you some how mange to get them please let me know would love to try again.