A203 (Version 2) - M.2 Key M

  1. Does the M.2 Key M supports PCIe or only SATA? I am trying to see if I can use it for something other than an SSD for my M.2 card which is also Key M but PCIe.
  2. Can the M.2 Key E be used with an M.2 Key M using an Key E to Key M adapter cable?

Hi, the A203 board supports PCIE, but SATA can also be connected to the PCIE port via an adapter cable.

As for the second question, I think it should not work, because some pins are empty pins and there should be no such conversion line.

Are you able to use the M.2 key M slot to pick up an nvme ssd?

I have been attempting to so and cannot figure out how to.