A way to use as a DAQ


I think it must be possible to upgrade the firmware in order to transfer data directly to the usb port simultaneously with the OSD in order to make DSO nano the perfect sensor tool, allowing monitoring without PC code and authorizing some retro action with the hardware that produce the signal. Once connected to the usb port there is no battery issue.

In my opinion it could the perfect tool to replace classical NI DAQ.

Is there a way to implement such feature ?

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it’s a good idea , but the DSO Nano’s MCU jsut a STM32 … nearly all resources be used for measuring and calculate , so it’s not easy for it to do sent out the data via USB at the same time


I think that a good way to proceed is to play with refresh time, On graphical time plotting application there is two ways to deacrease the computation needs, first the refresh and then the point density.
It would be possible to limit this two variable range when USB transfert protocol is set on.

An other thing that would be very exitng by performing such acqusition, is the capability to transfert synchronised and scaled data seting up by the embedeed osciloscope, because this simple things are often complex to set on a classical DAQ.

I think it could be a killer feature.

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Keep noted about our Seeeduino Stalker, it will marry DSO nano sooner or later. :wink:

I think it will be very diificult to adapt atmega328 to such use.
Do you plan to use an xduino like plateforme and IDE ?

Yes, an Atmega328 would not be enough for a complete DAQ, but should be good enough for most acquisitions. The DSO nano might be modified to do the displaying only, thus balance the resource usage.

Does the suggested modification concern software or both software and hardware ?
May be that just developing a new firmware allows this kind of use ?

Just modify the firmware that you can change your DSO Nano to another handheld device : as a display terminal or as function generator ,and so on .

If modify the hardware ,too ,then it can be more chance.

This is exactly what I mean, May be a simple way to perform such feature would be to enable a direct writing into a virtual serial port (USBtty0 like arduino)?
I think it’s close to the SDCard writing, so it doesn’r require a lot of change in the firmware.
An other idea in order to achieve this goal would be to have a virtual DSO nano on a PC screen, allowing a direct communication between Host PC and DSO nano.

Is this remotely possible? It would be fantastic.

Only problem that I can see would be that it would perhaps displace the existing firmware. I suppose a “undock” feature that re-loaded the portable software could be done… Not by me of course :slight_smile: no skill!

Now you can ues the USB to update the firmware by DFU mode~

the STM32 support a USB IAP function~ so we can ues the USB to download the code as arduino .

I’m not skilled in english so may be my purpose was bad interpreted. I think that it is possible to write to the usb port in the same way you write the SDcard by using a TTY driver for the DSO nano. But it’s interesting to know that firmaware can be easy upgraded unsing usb port