A UV Measurer for Umbrella by Team NTPC Young Maker Studio

This project was made by a group of young makers: tyctc128, Arvin, Angela, Maggie, Frank and Joy. Since there has been claims that ““They claim umbrellas own the ability to prevent from UV”, and this group of makers would like to know the fact and measure the UV value under umbrellas. Hence, they made this project. It was selected as one of the “10 Projects of Merits” (winning a Seeed Environment Kit) during Seeed for Earth 2018 online contest with www.hackster.io.

Learn more about this project here: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://project.seeedstudio.com/ntpc-yo … las-01854e”>https://project.seeedstudio.com/ntpc-young-maker-studio/a-uv-measurer-for-umbrellas-01854e</LINK_TEXT>