A sketch that runs on XIAO SAMD does not run on XIAO ESP32C3

Can anyone make a suggestion here? I have a sketch that runs fine on the XIAO SAMD processor but, when I change boards any try to run the sketch on a XIAO ESP32C3, it compiles and loads but doesn’t run.

Has anyone experienced (and solved) this issue before and would you please share your findings? I am ass-uming human error but I can’t figure it out. As the sketch is 2,500 lines long and somewhat proprietary, I hope you will understand my not posting it here.

Respectfully - Baran

Hi there,
Do you use Bluetooth?
WHich LIB are they different?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

What about the compiler output, Maybe just post the first 6-10 lines, and the last 20 lines b4 the upload. can tell you allot.

I know software serial and hardware serial is a thing that has to be addressed when moving from SAMD to ESP32 processors

I believe you are onto something. I bet I have some .h folders that are out of sync, so to speak. I will look at it fresh tomorrow morning. Thanks.

Hi there,
I had one Scenario that the ESP code would compile and not run,? WTH?
after much looking I discovered it was using ArduinoBLE and not the ESP version.
Wouldn’t run until I REMOVED ArduinoBLE and recompiled and then and only then RAN AOK!
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

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That was it! I was using incompatible support folders. Thanks!

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