a Rainbowduino power question

I’m currently programming my Rainbowduino through the Arduino and I was wondering if it’s safe to disconnect the vcc and ground wires and use a wall adapter while having everything connected?

As it stands right now I unplug the USB and all the wires from the Arduino after it’s done programming, then power up the Rainbowduino with the wall adapter, Then connect everything back up again, Vice versa, so on, and so on.


which version of the rainbowduino are you using? it should be printed on the board.

you should be using a powersource other than the arduino. Or at least that is what i have been told.

I think using the UartSB or Arduino power for programming it is ok, just not for running it.

it’s V1.2.

so it’s OK to have a wall adapter plugged in while programming it from the arduino? I’m new to electronics and was just making sure I don’t fry anything(I’m pretty unlucky that way!).

I should be fine. Watch out for molten embers :wink: