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Join our survey to win free soldering iron! Which one do you want to purchase?

  • A、220V,200W,0~500℃,constant temperature,none-digital display, flexible-switched head,price: 15~30 (USD)
  • B、220V,70W,100~450℃,7 steps temperature control,digital display, flexible-switched head,price: 30~60 (USD)
  • C、19V,45W,100~350℃,programmable temperature,digital display, flexible-switched head,price: >60 (USD)

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We sincerely invite you to help us to finish the questionnaire above. And 5 partners will be selected as the lucky ones to get the electric soldering iron. So come on , join us now!


Hi,guys here:

Thanks for joining our “electric soldering iron vote” in April!

Congratulations! The following 5 voters were finally selected out randomly as the lucky ones to get our Smart electric soldering iron for free trial, they are:






For the 5 lucky friends above, we will send each person a new Smart electric soldering iron in May. We will send you an E-mail to check your receiving address and more details about the following up of using the Smart electric soldering iron.

Want to win more chance to get free trials, read the following Blog and join our survey in it! More surprise you will get!

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