A question regarding the XIAO's capabilities

Hi all!

I’m wondering if the XIAO is capable of simultaneously running 10 LEDS, 2 small 3V DC coreless motors and an MP3 module (DFPlayer Pro) with a miniature speaker.

Of course I wouldn’t be able to hook each component directly to the pins on the XIAO. It would require another kind of setup, possibly using transistors and a second power source. That’s where things start to go over my head.

The components are being used to create “animated” light, sound and motion effects for a scale model helicopter.

My reason for choosing the XIAO is so I can try to fit all of the components into the model and power it with a battery or two from within. The animation would be turned on and off with a simple switch hidden on the exterior of the model.

I’ll be making adjustments to the model kit so that I can gain access to the internal workings at any time for troubleshooting or replacing/recharging batteries.

What would I need to look into in order to get all of this running safely and efficiently?

Some advice would be appreciated!

Hi there,

The total power XIAO can supply is 1.5A(VCC pin). I’m not sure how much power all your components need, but generally, lt should be enough.

Thanks for the quick response!

1.5A should be more than enough, but there’s still a couple of things I’m unsure about.

The 5V pin on the XIAO is labelled VCC underneath.

I assume I can only use the 5V pin as an output if I supply the board with 5V through the USB Type-C connection?

My project would be powered via battery instead.

So if the board is powered by a 3.7V battery (connected to the VIN & GND plates on the underside of the board) would I have to use the 3V3 pin or could I still use the 5V pin?

If I had to use the 3V3 pin instead of the 5V pin would I still be able to draw 1.5A or would the amount be lower?

Apologies for the basic questions, just trying to wrap my head around it!

Thanks again!

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