A few questions about design in Eagle

Dear Sir,

I need to ask you next questions.

1-I need to screw my pcb to somewhere.So should I put a drill to corners of pcb and which size should I put?

2-How to put drill on pcb?

3-I want to dedicate unused part of pcb as a GND , I can ı do this?

4-I will use LQFP - 64 microcontroller.Are all LQPF mcu’s same size , for example clearence between pins. So how should be my trace width?Seedstudio supoort 1524 mm trace width.I want to use 0.2 mm trace width , I hope it is not going to be problem.

I will put project documents when I finished.

With best regards.

hi there,

  1. yes, you can put screw holes around the corners, the size depends what you needed, we don’t have limit of it.
  2. PTH or NPTH?
    PTH: open via tool, then you can change the option what you needed, please don’t forget to name the via.
    NPTH: you can direct draw the hole in dimension layer.
  3. yes, you can use ploygon finish it.
  4. the minimum trace width/clerance is 6mil, so 0.2m is enough.