8x8 Bi-Color 60mm LED Matrix Eagle library

Does anyone has or made a library for Eagle for this part?

If you want to see diagram,you can view here: seeedstudio.com/depot/datash … 2388K9.pdf
And you can download SEEED library from :https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/EagleLib-of-Seeedstudio and find 8x8 Bi-Color 60mm LED Matrix in Mudle.lbr:LED-8X8-RGB-MATRIX.

Thanks for the link. The Module.lbr file indeed contains 8x8 RGB Matrix entry, but I am looking for the Bi-Color matrix.
The RGB matrix has 32 (2x16) legs, the Bi-Color has 24 (2x12) legs. While these two might be similar, it is not the same.

By the way, did not see the 20mm Red only LCD matrix part either. Do you happen to have one for this matrix?

Actually that is all library we have in the data.