8*2 LCD problem

I purchased this LCD: seeedstudio.com/depot/index. … 164&page=1

I have hooked it up to my Arduino and have been doing some testing with the LCD Library that seeedstudio provides and I’ve found something very strange, when the number 8 or 9 is displayed on the screen, the LCD back-light dims.

I also found when using the default Arduino LCD Library, the backlight would completely turn off when a 8 or 9 was displayed on the screen, however everything else seemed to work fine.

Any idea if I have a faulty LCD or what?

It is first time I come across this kind of problem. If the connection between LCD8*2 is right, I think it is a faulty product. Make sure backlight pin of the LCD connect to +5V and the power

The connections are indeed correct, I have triple checked all connections, and tried another development board with the same issue.

Has anyone else that’s used this LCD had this issue?

I contacted Seeedstudio support but have not received a reply.