64-bit software for reterminal?

hi !
acquired a reterminal for testing purposes & further investigations about usability -
so far so good.

a not very nice thing is, that the preinstalled system of re-terminal is 32-bit and not 64-bit.
i need such things like influxdb2 and i have to go all through those cooking to build all stuff as described.

hey, reterminal is not one of the cheapest gadgets and i am looking forward all those pretty nice stuff announced to to complement re-terminal for (maybe limited, though) industrial use.

i cannot think this is too much for seeed to make at least some ready-to-use images and/or other supporting tools available, so the “cure” to 64-bit is only half as annoying.

you announced the re-terminal as 64-bit and release 32-bit software ? why how ?
please assist a bit more to make the overall experience joyful.

i hope, you understand this very well from my perspective too !!!
best greetings wp

Hello, about the installation of re-terminal for other operating systems, there are detailed instructions in the wiki “Getting Started with reTerminal (Extended)”:

The problem of adapting the re-terminal you mentioned is also a tutorial on how to install the driver in the wiki: “Install reTerminal drivers after flashing new Raspberry Pi OS/ Ubuntu OS or Other OS”