60ghz rate limits


i‘m using the 60Ghz mmWave Radar for Breathing and Heartbeat Detection… but because of the Limit @ 100bpm it does not work on a Baby which is the Target… so is there any way to raise that Limit?


Sorry, this is determined by the algorithm. Currently, we can only detect heartbeats within this range. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

is it possible to read the raw-data, and the algorithm to be able to write my own algorithm or using AI to detect those data.

it would be enough to detect that the baby is breathing at all, and set an alert if it stops and/or the heart rate will fall. i don’t need the exact rate, just the information isBreathing= True/False

how about blood oxygen meter?

this would need physical contact and will be altered by ambient light… also i would need a (very tiny) finger/wrist -band.

the “no physical contact” part is mandatory.

thanks for the suggestion, but im afraid thats no option

Currently, we are unable to access the original data.