6-Axis Accelerometer

I get strange values from my accelerometer.
I expected that I should get values like Z=1g, X=0g and Y=0g when the accelerometer is laying flat on the table.
Instead I get values like X=4g, Y=4g and z=0g. Putting it on the edge gives values in the same area but for the other axis. I can never get a negative value whatever I do.
Changing the acceleration scale to 8 (from default 2) just gives me 4 times higher values.

I have a Grove 6-Axis Accelerometer&Compass V2.0 connected to a Linkit ONE board using the I2C.
The library I use is downloaded from github (linked from seeedstudio). I have changed the library name to Six_Axis… since it was not ok to have figures in the library name.

What I’m I doing wrong or have I misunderstood the functionality?


We are diagnosing your problem we will get back to you soon.
Thanks and Regards

I can add that the values are changing when rotating laying flat on the table. Like if it is displaying the compass direction instead of acceleration. Same value as previously when rotating and coming back to first position.