6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope: Cannot find accurate guides

Hi all,

I’m trying to read data from the Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope to my Elegoo board. I’m looking for:

  1. example code
  2. description of which arduino pins to connect to each accelerometer I2C pin. (I am not using a base shield)
  3. any other relevant documentation for this device specifically.

    The “Resources” on the bottom of the product page for the accelerometer links to the datasheet and library for the “LSM6DS3”. I understand that my accelerometer must be an updated version of the LSM6DS3, however, the way it connects to the Arduino appears completely different to a beginner such as myself. As you can see in the pictures, the old red LSM6DS3 has 12 circular ports but my blue version only has the 4-pin port with the cord included to attatch to it. I’ve taken a wild guess which 4 Arduino pins connect to the 4 accelerometer pins but I’m sure it is not correct because when I try running this example code it runs fine, but the values printed to serial port are constant no matter how I orient the device.

    My main question is where to connect each pin, but I would also like clarification on how my blue accelerometer differs from the LSM6DS3 and how much the red LSM6DS3 documentation still applies. If there are any more details I can provide please let me know.



Hi Matt

Please follow below table to connect the sensor with Elegoo board. Then you can run the example code from wiki. thanks.

Arduino Grove-Sensor

5V Red

GND Black

A4 White

A5 Yellow

Thank you Bill, this worked!