5V output not working on battery (was: 4 HX711 on one XIAO nrf52840)

I have a small script running that reeds 4 separate load cells and transmits them with BLE. All good, as long as it’s connected to USB power.

As soon as I disconnect USB power, the BLE is still visible, but it seems to not read the load-cells anymore.

I use Sparkfun HX711-boards (SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier - HX711 - SEN-13879 - SparkFun Electronics) and have them connected to 5V (VCC) and 3v3 (VDD).

My sketch is so simple it doesn’t even make sense to post it. What could be wrong?

Ok I just confirmed that the 5V-pin gives 0V when not connected to USB. Shouldn’t it give 5V / 500mA even on battery power?

Hi there,
Only when USB is connected. AFAIK
GL :slight_smile: PJ

haha okay, so I can stop staring at my code to find the error :smiley:

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