5mm Triple Output LED RGB

The LEDs that I received differ from the picture and description in the shop in that all 4 four pins are the same length. So far the only way I can get the red led to work is to connect the flat side of the ‘bulb’ as anode and the wire next to it as cathode. The other colors do not light up at all no matter what config I tried?

I used the 5V/GRND pins on Arduino with 220R resistor to test …

Any ideas?

Problem found … it resides between the chair and soldering iron as it turns out … :unamused:

For reference to others look at the bulb and locate the flat side and hold the flat side to the left:

From left:
1st wire - red
2nd wire - cathode common
3rd wire - blue
4th wire - green

Thanks! JakesSA

We should have updated the product descriptioin when the supplies are different. :slight_smile: