5G Modem shows up in Windows and sim recognised but shows as "turned off"

So I installed a Fibocom FM350GL into my Seed Odyssey. I have done this with a modem adapter for the m.2 M key slot, which adapts it to B key for the modem and provides a sim slot.

This modem does not work in the b-ket slot of the Odyssey as it communicates over PCIE, not sata or USB.

I was thrilled to see the modem show up as soon as I booted, but deflated to realise it still doesn’t work. Everything appears normal and working apart from under mobile network settings in Windows the mobile network says “turned off” as if a hardware switch was turned off. I cannot find a way to turn it back on.

I was going to try to communicate with the modem over AT. But as far as I can tell it has not opened up a COM port of any kind, so I cannot send commands to it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hello, you can try to install this Fibocom FM350GL driver and reboot,