4x4x4 Rainbow Cube


Will there be eventually a program to make patterns for the cube?

How could you now possibly program it, i can’t understand how you would e.g make different Colours fading through axis

Thank you


Rainbowduino can drive the Rainbowcube well.

Can you post some programming guide or links to resources

right now all i have is a colorful cube light

congratulations :laughing:
How about this one, just a demo sketch, compiled under Arduino 0017 is OK.
Rainbow_move.rar (1.75 KB)

Thanks for the code snippet except :

void _main(void)
  unsigned char color=0,row=0,dots=0,position=0;


I guess your using the ISR? … and it’s directly written to the Rainbowduino?

:frowning: i need to buy your UartSB now … i was hoping to stay with default Rainbowduino firmware and talk to the cube via i2c