4x4x4 cube documentation (schematics and PCB)


I’m very happy with the rainbowduino 4x4x4 cube but would like to connect the bluetoothbee to it. The socket is there so it can’t be that hard. But… Where are the schematics and PCB layout of the cube?


I got it to work :slight_smile: I googled some code and changed it a little to init the module from linux (see attachment). Use it like “./init +INQ=1”. The program is without any error checking but does the job :slight_smile:

I had to solder some additional headers on the rainbowduino and on the cube to link the serial lines from the bee to the rainbowduino.

The only issue I now have is that the RTS on the bluetoothbee does not react and so the arduino reset does not function.
init.zip (1 KB)

How did you get this to work? The Rainbowduino / cube is 5V and the bluetooth bee is 3.3v. I thought I’d just be able to plug the bluetooth bee into the Cube’s XBee socket but there isn’t any 3.3v power on that socket. The BluetoothBee documentation says it needs 3.3v on pin one