4WD Robot Controller & I2C bus

I saw that there is a Grove connector in this board with SCL & SDA pins. Is it possible to drive it by using I2C bus? If in case, where I can find the documentation?

Hi Perri,

The Grove connector is used to connect with servo, encoder and sensors. For more detailed information, please visit our Wiki, here is the related link:http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Hercules_Dual_15A_6-20V_Motor_Controller#Resources

I have understood my error… I was thinking about this device as something to be connected to an arduino and not like an arduino itself… So, is it possible to program it by using an Arduino Yun as FTDI? Just because the shippment time of a UartSBee is quite long…

Hi Perri,

I’m sorry to tell you that the Controller Board can not be programmed with Arduino YUN for which does’t have a FTDI chip. So please be patient and wait.