4WD Kit and L298N driver PCB

Hiya, ordered 1 4WD kit and 2 L298N driver pcbs.

Could I have some more info on the motors in the 4wd kit, and how they should be wired.

what is the recommended Voltage as I am looking at external power packs. Some discussions in other forums hint that the motors do not work below 12V,

are they pre wired, and serial or parallel on each side.

L298 Motor Driver
I also intend using L298 is this suitable, hard to tell as not much info on the motors.

I also want to use one of the L298 to control a small stepper motor. The more I look at the document the more questions I have it is really a sales brochure.

L298N data sheet makes some recommendations…

  1. Supply caps, are these included on the PCB or need to be externally connected ?

  2. Pull-up resisitors, not sure what these are for, ( datasheet says keep input lines short as possible) please explain…

  3. Inductance H Bridge diodes, the 4 for each bridge, looks like they are in circuit, but please confirm as some H bridges have diodes included for other purposes?

  4. Inputs are not clear, step input connector is this ABCD ie coils in which order…I can’t see how they are labelled

  5. same for standard motor inputs

  6. Jumper settings? which are the defaults…and WHAT do they do?

  7. Velocity measurement system, please provide more info

  8. I do not understand the sense resistor feature, in any way, not much in the datasheet either. It has not been explained or the purpose of the jumpers and connectors and how to calculate the value for resistors and implications. On some H bridges there is a formula for the corect value.

You have great products but you really need to improve documentation, I know it takes time but willing to help if you provide the info


Is this the correct motor spec ?

4WD Arduino mobile robot development platform

4 high-quality micro-speed motor

Electrical supply voltage: 3 ~ 12V

Complete chassis with mounting hardware

Variety of sensors can be added

4WD Mobile platform Motors: 3-12V DC
Speed: 90cm/s

Motor Specification
Gear Ratio 1:120

No-load speed(3V):100RPM

No-load speed(6V):200RPM

No-load current(3V):60mA

No-load current(6V):71mA

Stall current(3V):260mA

Stall current(6V):470mA

Torgue (3V): 1.2Kgcm
Torque (6V): 1.92Kgcm

Size: 55mm x 48.3mm x 23mm