4A Motor Shield, DC Motor Intermittent


First let me preface by saying that I am completely new to Arduino and the forum, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I also apologize if this topic has already been posted and I missed it.

My issue involves using the 4A Motor Shield v1.0 and the Arduino Uno. So far, all I have done is hook up the power supply and a DC motor and use the sample code found in the library on the wiki (DCMotorDemo). The motor works intermittently and seems to be influenced by the orientation of the board. Believing that I may have compatibility issues with the power supply motor, and the Arduino, I tried a different motor shield (2A v2.2) and the motor and program work as expected without any issues.

I am using a 12V DC Motor, and a 12V 2A Power Supply,and the Arduino Uno R3. I’ve hooked up these components the exact same way between the two motor shields. Are there any immediate insights as to why the DC motor is intermittent with the 4A Motor Shield and not the other? I have tried a second 4A Motor shield and am experiencing the same issue.

Thanks for your time!


Sorry for the delayed reply.
I would like to know more about your issue and details of the other motor shield(v2.2,2A) that you have used in order to help you.

The demo code is programmed to rotate in a direction for 2 seconds, stops for a second and rotates in reverse direction for another two seconds

1.What do you mean by intermittent?
2.Do you understand the DC motor demo code in the wiki?

If you have any other queries or need help in programming please feel free to write to us.

Thanks and regards