433Mhz RF link kit range

Can you please advice me how to increase the range for 433Mhz RF link kit (SKU: WLS107B4B / seeedstudio.com/depot/433mhz … th=139_140).

Currently I have no more than 5 meters range (with 20 cm antenna on both sender and receiver and 5V supply) and very low concrete wall penetration; this is very low compared with a 433 Mhz wireless weather station (that works well thru concrete wall on a 10 meters range and is powered with 3V on the TX side and 5V on the RX side).

For the last several days I investigated this issue with different TX units (weather sensors, RF remote controls) and I suspect there is some improvement to be done on the RX side. I already tried to increase the power voltage from 5 to 12V.

I have a 433Mhz RF link kit range seeedstudio.

I don’t sure if I use my RF correctly.

So, my High data receiver is 1/2 VCC.
And my Low Data receiver is 0,7 VCC.
I think is correct.

Then my signal

0 0 0 5V 5V 5V 0 0 0

0,7V 0,7V 0,7V 2.2V 0,7V 0,7V 0V 0,7V 0,7V

So, I see just a pulse between each transition is normal ?
But me, I would like to transmit the same signal between the transmitter and the receiver.