433Mhz RF link kit dessign question!

Hello!, I’m new here. Ii would be great if you all could help me:
I just bought the “433Mhz RF link kit”. The documentation of this product is a little limited, and I have some questions about it.
What is the maximum distance it can send and receive correctly?, How it reacts to the data?, I mean, when the device receives a signal pulse how it is represented in the out pin of the receiver?

I know that these devices are not intended to be used separately, but I was looking for a cheap and easy RF system that can switch on and off some leds in a carnival costume.
By the way if you have better ideas to my project tell me please, I realized that these devices are not the best option for what I try to do. As I say I pretend to put about 30 leds in several carnival costumes and switch on and off the leds simultaneously when I want.

here is the link:
seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.p … F_link_kit

Thanks a lot to everyone!!

The maximum distance of signal reciever is 30 m in the house and 100 m outdoors.
When the transmitter module transmits an order, encoding and decoding are needed so that the order can be received by the receiver module.
But both tansmitter module and receiver module need Arduino boards repectively. Your receiver module can be connected to LED, by using transmitter module to control receiver module, it can function as a swtich.

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Ohh :cry:

So, I can’t directly connect a temperature sensor (like DHT11) to the transmitter and receive it in the receiver?

hi , if you want to use a temperature sensor, you need act Seeeduino/Arduino board as a MCU,the temperature sensor can’t be worked separately.

Thanks. I understand that is becouse you have to “ask” the sensor to receive some kind of signal, am I right?

What if i wire a 315Mhz receiver to the input of the temperature sensor, and a 433 transmitter to the output?

Theoretically I will be able to ask from a Raspberry Pi GPIO and receive from another GPIO? (With correct timings, of course…).

Just guessing! :laughing:

Yeah ,maybe. And you should combine two program together(temperature and RF).