4 LED matrices with 1 Rainbowduino

Hello guys,

I am working with the Rainbowduinos and find them very good!

Do you think I could connect the driver ICs of 1 Rainbowduino to 4 LED matrices at the same time? Guessing from the data sheet I would think that this might be ok and reliable?

Or if I go for I2C, what could I do to optimize the speed of the transmission from a Master Arduino? I only make about 4 fps with I2C which is too slow for my application.

Thank you very much,
Ludwig Zeller

Royal College of Arts London

Rainbowduino can drive 192 LEDs, It can drive 3 8x8 single color LED matrix.
Here we have a Extension board:
seeedstudio.com/depot/rainbo … th=175_177