3G/4G module question-how can I send data?

I just read over the 4G module announcement.

Pro: GREAT that it’ll be 4G-based.
Con: BAD that it will be October/November before it gets shipped

Question: if there is no 3G module support, is there ANY way to send/receive DATA using the RePhone kit components?

I was planning on deploying the dog collar/GPS tracker system when I got my kit … but now? HOW do I do it?

I want to send/receive data to the collar (even SMS!) but it is not obvious to me if this is possible.

Can you please elaborate? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this question …

Charlie in Houston

Hi Charlie,

First of all thank you for your support on this.

For the dog collar you can check my recipe here:RePhone - Traceable Dog Collar

Best regards,
Chao Zhang

So the answer is (according to your recipe) - use SMS for data transfer operations. There is NO other mechanism without the 3G/4G module.


Of course there is other methods to achieve it, this is up to you. You can also set up a server to receive the data, I just choose a much easier way.

Can you give us an example how to connect to the Internet from the RePhone then? Or send us some link where we can find some API documentation about it? I am desperately looking for some help - see my other post here viewtopic.php?f=71&t=6522&start=10

Just to clarify again. We need documentation, or some sample how to establish data link connection from RePhone to the Internet to:

  1. initiate some HTTP request (GET, POST, PUT etc)
  2. way how to create a simple web-server - so that I can access my RePhone from the Internet by HTTP requests.

Along SMS and voice, I consider those two use-cases to be the most essential functionality of RePhone - why I supported it.

Thank you

Boy howdy do I agree with this poster:

Sooo what’s the answer to his question of what DATA path to use if we don’t have the 3G/4G module?

WHAT METHODS ? (!) I can “set up a server” but if there is no way to transmit what’s the point?

Anyone simulated a dialup modem perhaps? :slight_smile:

Charlie in Houston