3D Gesture shield with mgc3130 for Rpi not working

I’m having the same issue as Shulyaka (3D Gesture & Tracking Shield for Raspberry Pi (MGC3130) does not send data). No resolution was mentioned.

The shield works fine if I plug it directly into the Rpi 4B, but does not work if I use the 4-wire i2c connector. The test/demo program runs, but no data is transmitted when I gesture. i2cdetect shows the address at 0x42 when plugged in and when wired to connector. What am I missing?

Also, are there any python examples of interfacing to this shield?
Thank you.

I still don’t have solution, but when I have some free time I am about to test if the mere presence of the board behind the sensor introduces some kind of magnetic distortion that the sensor implicitly uses. If that is true, we will be able to use a fake rpi (a rpi-sized pcb) behind the sensor. Still no time to test it, if you could try it…