3D case designed for PI Hats ??


I ordered multiple Pi Hats 2 Micro to use with Raspberry PI Zero. I’m looking for a 3D design I could print of a nice case to include both in it and get something a little polished :wink:

I searched on thingiverse but found only one design !! Something to share ?



Hi Vincèn,

Sorry, we do not design the 3D model for the pi zero & 2 mics hat yet. thanks for understanding.

Seeed techsupport team


Hey Vincén,

Can you share that case you found? I don’t think we plan to design any for the Pi HATs, but I’d love to see if we can’t post it on our wiki for other customers.

Sorry I missed your very late answer at my first post ! Here is design I found on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2774212 I still think it would be really great to offer some simple 3D design for respeaker with Pi :wink:

Thanks. I will maybe put out a tweet to see if people want this. Honestly you are the first person I’ve seen who has requested a case for the Pi HATs. Will poll our community and see if we should do this.

Wow strange, all users keep the whole thing like that ? A nice case for both the hat and the pi would be great and makes it more like a finished product :wink:

I doubt all users keep it like that - but I assume most do. I think many people enjoy making their own cases, though I know I’d be too lazy for that! :lol:

I think most users buy and play with the Pi HATs just for fun or testing/development without caring about the aesthetics as much. /shrug

That being said I think you have a solid point. For those who want to use it as a more ‘finished’ product a case would make quite a bit of sense.

Made some progress for a printable design ? :wink:

Some -We have made cases for the non-raspberry pi products.

I will bring this up again in our product line meeting tomorrow.


Some updates ? or I’m waiting after something that’ll never show-up ?


HI there,

Here are 3D files for 2 mics and 4 mics pi hat.thanks.

2mics: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://github.com/SeeedDocument/MIC_HA … %20HAT.zip”>https://github.com/SeeedDocument/MIC_HATv1.0_for_raspberrypi/raw/master/src/ReSpeaker%202-Mics%20Pi%20HAT.zip</LINK_TEXT>

4mics:<LINK_TEXT text=" https://github.com/SeeedDocument/ReSpe … 0.skp.zip
"> https://github.com/SeeedDocument/ReSpeaker-4-Mic-Array-for-Raspberry-Pi/raw/master/src/ReSpeaker%204-Mics%20Pi%20HAT%20v1.0.skp.zip

Thanks for link but I think there is a confusion here ! I was looking for 3D files to print a case for the Respeaker 2Mic plus Pi 0 and speaker :wink: Still nothing for that ?

Hum looks like no-one from Seeed studios is ever checking messages here :frowning: