315MHz Receiver CDR03A [WLS105B5B] problem

The diagram on the wiki for the 315MHz Receiver doesn’t seem to match the device photographed (and shipped). The transmitter matches, and the pins are also labeled on the silk screen. So I’m fairly confident I have that wired correctly. However, the receiver isn’t labeled on the silk screen. And the 4 pins come out the bottom right when looking at the front of the board and not the bottom left as pictured in the wiki.

I’ve wired it up assuming that pin 4 is the one closest to the edge of the board (on the right when looking at the front of the board).

1 - VCC +5V
2 - Data (into an Arduino RX Digital 0)
3 - Not Used
4 - Ground

I’m then using the example from Sparkfun that the wiki mentions works with this device. I have two separate Arduinos. I purchased two 315MHz RF Link Kits and I’ve tried both transmitters and both receivers, and I’m not seeing any signal.

I did find this other web page which shows an entirely different pin diagram for this CDR03A receiver.

Can you confirm which is pin 1, and whether the above way I have it wired is correct. And can you suggest anything else I can do to diagnose why I’m not seeing anything come through?



Anyone out there succesasfully using this 315mhz RF link kit?

I’d appreciate any suggestions of things to try or test.

:blush: Well, not sure what I did wrong the first time, but I took the whole thing apart and rewired it, and it now works. So the pin numbering above is correct.

But I’m getting a lot of interference. Sending a simple count 0-255 and it’s coming through very random. Any suggestions?