3.6V Micro hydro generator

i bought www.seeedstudio.com/depot/36v-micro-hyd … ?cPath=155.
I’m interested in current[I]/flow[l/m] ratio.
In data sheet i can see just Voltage/flow, for me is important get above specification because have to understand with how much flow i can provide the need power to keep switch on an evaluation board texas instrument.
Or i have to do some empiric tests?

Best regards.

hi ,the battery in this hydro is 300 mA.H. i think you can caculate the current with this specification.

I’m afraid thart you cannot calculate the power of the generator with the capacity of the battery.

Power of the generator is a rated parameter.
The battery capcity is another rate figure for another component (the battery).
In fact, with the battery capacity AND the power ratign of the generator what you can calculate is tje time for the generator to fillthe battery.

Let’s assume 3V rated generator (for easiness) and a 3V/300mAh battery.
If the amps rate of the generator is 100mA, it will take 300mA
h/100mA = 3.0H charging time.
If the amps rate of the generator is 300mA, it will take 300mAh/300mA = 1.0H charging time.
If the amps rate of the generator is 600mA, it will take 300mA
h/600mA = 0.5H charging time.

I would like to konow the same rated figure for the hydro-generator.
The power capacity at different at different turn rates
Is any how we can know it?
It would be very useful.