3/4 flow sensor fittings threads

Are the fittings on the 3/4 flow sensor metric? I have one sitting in front of me here and I’m wondering where to find fittings to mate with it it. The threads are not tapered, so an o-ring fitting is required. The threads appear to be very similar to what I’d normally consider 3/4" non-tapered pipe threads, but I think they are probably metric as my 3/4" plastic fittings won’t even start (just cross-threads).


Oh I see that they are 20mm. Metric. I think you should change your product description to reflect that they are not really 3/4". Just so we’re clear.

Thanks for your attention , we will make it more clearly.

I have tried all the examples of the serial lcd (slcd) and none of them work. I guess I must have the wrong header files include files (serialLCD.h and serialLCD.cpp and SoftwareSerial.h and SoftwareSerial.cpp)