2KM transceiver pair help

Hi, I’m having a problem at the moment with the documentation of the transceiver pair. There single image on the solder pins is very unclear. If I want to match an input to an output where an on is “high” do I solder to the high side or low side? What is the “high” and “low” referring to?

Also, there is a hole on the transmitter for a capacitor to be soldered in but no capacitor is there or included in the package. There is no mention of the purpose of the capacitor, how to pick what size it could be, or a typical value.

I’d really appreciate an answer to these 2 questions and I could possibly put it up on the wiki to help anyone else who has the same questions I do. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Upon further inspection, there are a few other holes that have no soldering and appear they may be soldered in the diagram such as the ones nearby the missing capacitor. Any explanation of what these are would also be helpful


Sorry to hear that the document caused you inconvenience.
1.You can see the manu here garden.seeedstudio.com/index.php … nd_decoder (under the resources catalog). You can download it ,and do as the pitcures tell us.And you’ll find the answer.
2.Just ignore the holes and capacitor. It has no effect for use.

If you still have any question ,please let us know.