2020:Prepared for Next Edge

Happy New Year! Thanks for all the support and likes to Seeed community. During the last 10 years, Seeed made tons of awesome products with the development of IoT.

For many years, Seeed has been crafting the latest open-source hardware.

We are tired of endless similar solutions without solving the real issues.


Join our forum to let us know what do you expect for the next!

We will carefully listen to and take action!

In #2020 we will surely bring you more! Let’s make 1 to :infinity: happen together!

A look back at 2019, what is your favorite one?In #2020 and beyond get ready for even more awesome products.

Seeed’s Best Sellers 2019: Development Boards, Grove modules, Kits and many more!

Would you please consider selling the variety of solderless breadboards where the holes for the positive and negative rails are aligned with the holes in the main body of the breadboard?