2009 Seeedstudio Rainbowduino Carnival


After more than 300 of Rainbowduino were sold, we decided to launch ‘Rainbowduino Carnival’ to invite more inspirations to be shared. Also, to support in your efforts, we will provide Amazing prize for the most viewtiful projects built on Rainbowduino platform. Come on everybody, let’s make some really shiny works!

[size=150]Rainbowduino Carnival schedules: [/size]
Welcome to Rainbowduino Carnival! You can participate by submitting a project, voting for your favorite or both. Developers will send their projects to contest@seeedstudio.com. One participator can submit unlimited projects.

Section 1: (September 1st to September 30th )
Participators can submit their projects by e-mail to contest@seeedstudio.com in September. Please follow the post format we give below.

Section 2: (October 1st to October 20th)
A voting page that lists all submitted projects will be available in October. Participants may vote for their favorite projects.

Section 3: (October 21th to October 31th)
Voting ends on October 20th. The voting results will determine the top 3 projects. The Seeedstudio Team will also pick another project as ‘Editor’s choice’ and give the developer a mystery prize.


From Voting:
1ST VIEWTIFUL Prize: Rainbowduino x12, 8x8 RGB led matrix X12 and 100 USD Seeedstudio Coupon.

2nd BEAUTIFUL Prize: Rainbowduino x7, 8x8 RGB led matrix X7 and 50 USD Seeedstudio Coupon.

3rd COLORFUL Prize: Rainbowduino x4, 8x8 RGB led matrix X4 and 30 USD Seeedstudio Coupon.

Editor’s choice:
Special Prize: $200 Seeedstudio Coupon

All the participants will receive a discount coupon for Seeed studio Depot.

Note: all prizes are in USD

[size=150]Submitting rules:[/size] (Updated)

All projects must be original.
Write a detailed tutorial of your project in DOC or TXT format with photos. If you have recorded a video, please upload it to Vimeo.com, and then include the URL in tutorial. (Do not use YouTube ‘cause it is banned in some country.)
If you are going to add music into your video, Make sure the author’s name were displayed in video as subtitles.

We are waiting for your participate, Good luck !

Note:Seeed studio reserves the right of final interpretation of all activities.

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Speical thanks to Ian Lesnet. whereisian.com

wow, that is freaking awesome. now i just gotta throw together a project for the contest!

That’s a fast reply. Looks like you are always online.LOL

Very cool… I’ve got a couple of projects that I’ve been playing with, this is a great incentive to finish them up in September.

How strict is this “no music” rule? My son has a great project to submit but it is from a robot dance competition so it absolutely depends on the music. The music is not original but it is from a band which has lots of fan-submitted videos all over YouTube so I don’t think they will sue. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking aout the rules, maybe music is very important for your projects. So maybe you can add music to your video but plz include the name of the artist and text: this video is not for commercial.

How do you think?

Thanks, that is a good compromise I think.