2 x Rainbowdunio + 1 x Arduino = DON'T KNOW WHAT TODO

Hello Peoples

so i got excited and bought 2 rainbowdunio’s with 8x8 matrixes and an arduino 328.
i then relaised i’m pretty sh#t at programing

i’ve managed to upload sample code, that plasma sample code, and that worked fine

i tried the mXtcontroller, didn’t really work but might need to give it another go


so can i us the arduino to send stuff to both rainbowduinos?

i just want some simple images eg space invaders type stuff?


so i need some help,

I want to send frames from my arduino to both my rainbowduino(they got 8x8 matrix on them)

anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Hi, in this configuration you can use I2C to send commands or whole frames from the Arduino to both Rainbowduinos. Look here for more info and links: code.google.com/p/neorainbowduino/

wicked cheers dave,

can i use i2c without a computer? ie store stuff on the arduino?

Yes, for example you can use mtxcontrol to store 10 frames in the EEPROM on the Arduino and send those to the Rainbowduinos over I2C. Because the EEPROM is quite small, if you want more frames you need to start using PROGMEM to store the data in program memory, or an SD card shield and library.

I use my rainbowconverter program to convert animated GIFs to Rainbowduino frame buffer format and store them in PROGMEM (by generating code), then send them over I2C to the Rainwbowduinos running neorainbowduino. Look at the Daft Punk helmet project in the Rainbowduino Carnival, as I recall he went into a lot of detail about different animation formats and storage size.

thank you Dave

wicked, time to get code crunching :frowning:

this will be a stupid question(mostly because i’m only just understanding this stuff)

right so what do you guys make the pretty patterns on?

also i read through the daftpunk helmet (very cool) and he talks about CHROMATIC Commands

is there something i can simply draw stuff and its makes codes with these CHROMATIC Commands?

if i have an animation on my UNO, how do i send it to the Rainbowduino’s?