2 DSO Touch Dev Edition for Test


It’s about to finish the 2 years of DSO Touch developing. We offer 2 sets of DSO Touch and 1 set for Probe for test, please fill the form by 22th of August if you are the one. We will release more detailed specs of the coming DSO Touch in the following days in the forum.

You are freely to ask about the product here, but if you request one, fill the form Here.

2 sets

  • DSO Touch Dev x1
  • Probe x1

1 sets

  • Probe x2

You get more chances if:

  • you are old user of DSO Nano, especially to the APP contributors
  • technology media

As a beta-tester, you can

  • get tech support from Seeed Engineer(me)
  • contribute to the app, share your unique hacking

you need to

  • writing unboxing, testing hardware and the app
  • feedback the experience using it




2 channel + build in simple wave generator


The DSO family

Cool! :ugeek: Already applied!

Test Plan:

A first beta test batch(2 pcs) will be sent out to the chosen active customers who take the form last time, we’ll announce tomorrow.

There will be another test batch(10 pcs) near mid Sep. Some extra (50-80) would be available in our depot from Oct. There will be an pre-order then.



Here are the 1st lucky birds – shipping begins this week

Petteri Aimonen (aka jpa)
Tobias Schramm

Here are the 2nd testers (7 left) – shipping begins mid Sep

Mark Bauer

Time table

Beta 1st: 2 pcs of DSO Touch, late Aug
Beta 2nd: 10 pcs of DSO Touch, mid Sep
Beta 3rd: not exist yet
Firmware Preview: Sep
Pre Order: 50-100pcs, Oct

So we promise our customer that with us their borrowing needs will be taken care in shortest span of time.