2-coil latching relay

Hello, can the Grove 2-coil latching relay be controlled directly from an Arduino Uno board by connecting the relay’s Signal pin to a digital pin on the Uno and toggling it? Thanks.

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yes, you can, for the grove modules, you can connect to arduino directly with jumper wire. the function of the base shield is to eliminate the jumper wiring. thanks.

Great. Thanks for the info. I tried it and got it to work just fine. Now a couple follow-ups. The relay is rated at 3 amps. I would like to control a 12VDC motor with a no-load rating of 250 mA. I don’t know what the draw would be at stall; can that be calculated? Can I assume the draw won’t be too much for the relay? Also, does this make any difference – the relay will not be starting and stopping the motor; rather, it will be switching polarity only, and then carrying the current. There will be another relay on one of the leads that will enable/disable power. Is the relay’s current rating based on switching under load, or is it simply the maximum pass-through current? Thanks for any input you can provide.

I now see that the relay’s contact rating is 3A @ 30VDC. Does that mean it would be 5A @ 12VDC? If so, I’m confident it would handle that motor.

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I checked the datasheet that the max current is 3a, so it can not support the 5A. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Seeed … esheet.pdf”>https://raw.githubusercontent.com/SeeedDocument/Grove-2-Coil_Latching_Relay/master/res/Latching_Relay_Datesheet.pdf</LINK_TEXT>