2-Channel CAN-BUS(FD) Shield for... x86?

I have an STM32 microcontroller with CAN-BUS FD interfaces that I would like to debug/program over the CAB bus. Is it feasible to connect this controller to a USB based SPI interface and get the same CAN network interfaces as on a raspberry pi? Maybe it’s easier to use the rpi + fd pipe + netcat to present fds to the STM32 IDE?

I would love to get this working as USB CAN BUS interfaces are going for $300+…

https://www.seeedstudio.com/CAN-BUS-FD-HAT-for-Raspberry-Pi-p-4742.html @jpedrick Is that work for you ?

Yes, I have it connected to an raspberry pi zero. Worked exactly as expected once I figured out my car’s canbus speed (500kb/s for bitrate and dbitrate). Only problem is I don’t have the can bus frame definitions for my vehicle and don’t know where to find them.

My question is how to connect it to a x86 system so I can program a microcontroller through the can bus using the STM32 tools.

https://wiki.seeedstudio.com/2-Channel-CAN-BUS-FD-Shield-for-Raspberry-Pi/#using-with-wio-terminal @jpedrick Sorry, we don’t have the stm32 example, but we have the arduino example.