2.9" Quadruple Color eInk / ePaper Display with 128x296 Pixels, SPI

Anyone know the best graphics library to use?
I am familure with U8g2 using the Xiao Expansion Board OLED

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So here is a Good Basic Starter Video, Has good links to two LIB choices.

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… I like that drone it guy… but I can’t make heads or tails of that video

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Yea he has a lisp so listen carefully, He shows how to in both Arduino and Python and Raspberry pie.
He shows TWO sources for LIBRARIES, your OP. This is super basic 101 Arduino IDE stuff so watch and follow the links for any real benefit. BTW they are waveshare displays.

TIP is putting the Display folder into the Libraries folder manually. The Example code on the sales page you got the PICTURE from at the bottom has the link. Select your size and go.
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:smile: :v: BMP to LCD works as Advertised…LOL

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We have a demo of this product available for reference

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