2.8" v1 (Radio Shack) with Mega 2560 R3 and Uno

I have both a Uno and a Mega R3 2560. I can get the Uno to display the examples from the TFT. When I switch the Uno for the Mega and upload the same code (after changing the Com port and the Uno to Mega), The Mega does NOT do anything other then display a white screen. The Touch screen portion of the code works just fine and can see the serial data sent back. I have tried may different examples and works the same Uno is OK and Mega is white screen. I have also found that v1.0.5 does not work, but v1.0.4 of the Arduino software works OK. Any ideas. I’m pretty new to programming, as to the reason of just using the examples thus far. I want to use the Mega for more I/O. I read the forum post of the same type problem, but don’t quite understand the solution, Remember my Uno works and Mega does not.


Dave M.

This problem has been resolved from help from another site. TFT.H file line #33 change to MEGA. Thanks to all that read post.


I am having the exact opposite of your problem, I can not get the example sketches from earlier mentioned libraries to display anything on my uno r3. Can any one help? The examples load but do nothing

The TFT library that comes with v1.05 is for the Arduino brand TFT. Move this folder out of the libraries folder and copy over the TFT and TouchScreen folders( both are Seeeduino libraries) from the v1.04 folder to use the v1.0 Shield under v1.05, works just fine that way.

Dave can your code for the UNO, as I am dire need for a code that works for 2.8" v1.0