2.8" Touch Shield w/ Arduino Uno: TFT IC_CODE Error

I have an Arduino Uno R2 and I am trying to use it with a 2.8" Touch Shield purchased at Radio Shack.

I can get coordinates off the screen and do all sorts of touch screen stuff but I can’t seem to get anything to appear from the screen. I have followed the tutorial you have posted and got the libraries installed but when i use the example code in the wiki i get this error:

‘class TFT’ has no member ‘IC_CODE’

Thanks for your support.

Hi,which demo you have used? and which version of Arduino IDE you are using?

Same problem here.
Using the example from the wiki: seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8%27% … hield_V1.0
Installed the TFT library also from the link in the wiki.
Using Arduino 1.0.3

As an ugly work around for now I replaced the line

if(Tft.IC_CODE == 0x5408)



Maybe you get a wrong file,please download the attachment and have a try again.
TouchScreen.rar (2.29 KB)
TFT.rar (386 KB)