2.8 tft v2 data output from the serial on tft

Hello everyone! Help with 2.8 tft v2 data output from the serial on tft

seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8%22_ … hield_V2.0

And to be precise I want to see the temperature sensor pt1000 on TFTv2.

and one additional small question as to connect library UTFT to 2.8 tft lcd v2.

Sound like you want to display some info on the TFT Touch Shield just like print info via Serial?


How you use the UTFT libraries SEEED Studio’s V2 screen depends on which controller you will use, and specifically which header pins the SPI bus is mapped to. I only know Arduino, so if you’re using something else, you’ll have to filter this information through that documentation. Continuing with the Arduino example, you first have to understand that the SPI bus on this TFT in hardware is only routed through the 6-pin ICSP connector. The UTFT libraries, however, don’t know about the ICSP pins, they only know the other header pins. That’s OK though, because the SPI on the Arduinos are also mapped to those headers, but where they’re mapped on the UNO is different than on the Mega 2560. When you look a SEEED’s documentation you see they specify that the SPI is on pins D11 - D13 relative to the UNO. Although the TFT isn’t connecting to the SPI through these pins, that info is important when using the UTFT libraries. For example, to use the SEEED V2 TFT with the UNO, the init line in your sketch would read “UTFT myGLCD(ILI9341_S5P,11,13,5,0,6);”. To break this down, the ILI9341is the TFT’s driver chip, and the connection is serial 5-wire (S5P), 11 is the UNO’s D11 MOSI, 13 is D13 SCK, 5 is D5 CS, 0 is the reset and 6 is D6 D/C (RS). Similarly, for the Mega 2560 the line would read “UTFT myGLCD(ILI9341_S5P,51,52,5,0,6);”, which maps to it’s SPI bus header pins. Hope this helps.