2.8"TFT v1.0 touchscreen white screen and compilation errors

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Hello everybody I’m new to Seeeduino products and I just bought the product named in the title. I’ve downloaded the GFX, LCD, and Touchscreen libraries recommended by the website. I read the readme.txt documents and have made all of the required code modifications in the header files including line #33. I’ve read through some of the past entries on this subject going back some 14 or 15 pages but I didn’t spot this particular problem

I’m still getting a backlight for output for all examples. Most of the example codes will compile and upload but a few give me the error

‘Touchscreen.h: no such file or directory compilation terminated’

I’m using an Arduino MEGA2560 rev3 and I’m using Ubuntu linux version 13.10

How do I get this thing to work? Thank you very much for your time and help!