2.8" TFT TouchShield (SLD62445P)

I picked up one of the SLD62445P 2.8" TFT TouchScreen shields at radio shack to play around with and possibly use in a project I’m working on.

However I’ve come across at least one problem so far that I’m trying to figure out a way around. The screen is always on. I need it to turn off sometimes or at least go into a lower power usage mode and not give off light. Now I know I could simply cut the power to the screen in order to achieve this, but I’m trying to avoid the delay redrawing the screen when reapplying power (it’s a substantial delay as this screen is a little slow at drawing).

The library for this screen is rather limited. It has the pure basics for drawing to the screen and that is about it. So I’ve been reading the ST7781R datasheet and trying to add some functionality to the library. Right now I’m working on trying to add the ability to put the screen into standby.

When I put the screen into standby or sleep however, instead of turning the display off and backlight off as one would expect it simply turns the screen white with the backlight on making it even brighter!

I tried turning the Display off on Display Control 1, but it does the same thing. White screen with backlight on.

Is there a way through commands to turn the backlight off and leave the color as black so that the screen appears to be off?


These forums are where the product page said to go for tech support, is there any actual support here? Or is it just other people not related to the producers of these products answering questions?

I really need an answer to my question, if the device is incapable of doing what I need, just say so so that I can return it to the store and get something different that works the way I need.

Still need an answer to this…

Still looking for an answer…

Another week and still no answer. Does the tech support for this product even know an answer? If not just say so, don’t ignore the question.

Yay another week, congratulations Seeedstudio. You now officially hold the record for my personal unaswered support questions wait time.

I’ll make sure to never buy another one of your products, but I still would like an answer to the one asked here, even if it is a we don’t know, at least answer it.

Hi steven6282,

Much Sorry for late response, the current TFT Touch Shield cannot control the backlight.

Cadsoft Eagle source:
seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/c/c5 … eFiles.zip