2,8" TFT touchscreen drawline issue

I have an Arduino Uno 1.0 with a Seeedstudio 2.8" Touschreen attached. i can run the examples from the libraries TFT and touchscreen, but the circles or lines are not drawn correctly.

I did a small test with a sketch who draws a line with incremental x and Y coordinates and get a strange result.

The code looks like this :
for(unsigned int i=0; i<200; i++){

i would expect a nice line. I have uploaded an image which shows teh result… what am i doing wrong ?

Hi there ,
Thanks for the feedback , actually , it is a bug of the library .
We will update it soon .


Thanks. Let me know when the bugfix is available.


What is the status of this…

I would like to start using it quite soon, so when will the bug be resolved ?

Hi picasso,
The issue have solved , you can reload the library now. :smiley:
TFT & TouchScreen Libraries for Arduino 1.0 20120628


Hi deray,

Thanks for the update, but it seems still to be the same version ?

I donloaded it again and have still the same issue. Can you verify ?