2,8" TFT TOUCH - Touch doesnt work

i have a 2,8" TFT Touch Shield V2.0
I want to use it with an Arduino DUE.
The Display is working, but the touch doesnt work.
I hope some of you can help me.

unsigned char xp_pin = digitalPinToBitMask(_xp);
*portOutputRegister(digitalPinToPort(_yp)) &= ~yp_pin;

I dont know how i have to change these parts in the “SeeedTouchScreen.cpp”

Thank you

You just need to set the pin and if your ArduinoCore is official, you should be fine.

I tried this before, but this wasnt the solution.
Later I find out that there ist no direct port manipulation for the Arduino DUE. So I changed the pins I used with pinMode.
But thank you very much.

Thanks for your feedback. Can you share your modified code? @nick94

I’ve found it on the Internet.