2.8 TFT Touch Shield

I just purchased a Seeed Studio Touch shield.
I imported the libraries as suggested and as I am new to arduino this went well.
I was able to run the touchScreenDemo and get data on the serial monitor.
However, when I attempt to run any of the TFT demos I recieve this error:

In file included from drawCircle.cpp:4:0:
/home/toby/sketchbook/libraries/TFT/TFT.h:27:22: fatal error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

The Library that it is trying to reference is in that location and the file is present!

I copied everything directly so this is exactly what I have.
Please advise on what I can do to trouble shoot further.
Thank you in advance,

Well, I just figured it out myself. Should have looked a bit harder.
It seems that the wprogram.h file has been renamed to Arduino.h

Here is the link that I found helpful:

Thanks for the potential help!

Hello :wink: ,
Do you download the older library ? You should download the new library for arduino1.0, then you don’t need to change the code .


I downloaded the code associated with the shield wiki.
Could you provide me with a link to verify?