2.8'' TFT Touch Shield with USB Host Shild


i am using an arduino mega with the TFT Touch Shild and the USB Host Shield 2.0.

Both Shields are working perfekt when i use them alone. When i use them together the USB shild is working perfekt. From the TFT Touch Shild only the touch-functions are working. The Display itself shows nothing. only backlight.
There were two pins which was used from both shilds. But i have mapped them to free pins for the USB shild (INT and SS).
I would be very glad for ideas.

Thanks in advance


USB Host Shield 2.0?You mean USB Host Module - .NET Gadgeteer Compatible?
Give me the link of USB Host Shield 2.0, I need to know.
But it is TFT work find with mega right?
Tell us more,thanks.

It is this shild: dfrobot.com/index.php?route= … uct_id=498

I use this Library: circuitsathome.com/mcu/usb-h … 0-released
With this library only the 3 SPI pins are used together with te two pins, which i have remapped.

If i use the TFT Touch shild alone, the Display and the touch funktions are doing fine with the arduino mega. In combination with the USB shild only the Touch function is workring but not the display.

Sorry we are not familiar with your Usb Host Shield 2.0. Please check the compatibility of the shields.

But if you use TFT with Arduino mega it is work find.